Kelly Moneymaker album out now – ‘Stone’

A career musician who has transitioned from girl pop group Exposé into a funky soul diva as a solo artist, Kelly Moneymaker’s excellent new album ‘Stone’ is out now.

Influenced by great artists such as Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Rait and Tina Turner, Moneymaker has delivered an LP with impact, style and a whole lot of guile. Chock full of fine funky licks and her trademark power vocal, this is a release far fans of proper, old school soul music.

‘Realization’ – track taken from new Russell Suereth album

Beautifully disarming and strangely hypnotic, ‘Realization’ is a new video from songwriter and video creator Russell Suereth. Influenced and inspired by the spiritual side of life, Suereth has previously worked to shed light on spiritual places around the world with his YouTube channel, and now hopes to capture imaginations further with new album ‘Spiritual Haven’.

Said to ‘take the listener on a musical journey’, the LP is available now and is something of a concept album. With a through narrative stringing together the tracks, it’s a novel approach which somehow fits the genre perfectly.

If your interest is piqued, you can find more at the website –

‘Wisdom of Crowds’ – the latest monthly single from Prints Jackson

‘One single a month until the day I die’.

So goes the missions statement for ambitious, multi-talented songwriter Prints Jackson, whose latest single ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ can be heard above and is out now.

Deservedly placed in Virgin Music’s ‘Innovations in Music’ list for 2014, the project started over a year ago and has turned out monthly releases like clockwork.

Perhaps even more impressive, not only does Jackson produce a new track each month, he also finds the time to collaborate with video makers and artists to compliment his monthly musical releases.

To see the full, vast collection of music and art, check out

Baron Goodlove & The Dreadful Noise – ‘Orpheus’ [video & free download]

To mark the upcoming release of a new EP, London songwriter Baron Goodlove and his band The Dreadful Noise (thankfully a misnomer) are coming out of the gate hard with this new free download single.

Just starting to cause ripples in the business having appeared alongside George Ezra a number of times, Baron Goodlove’s jazzy, unusual brand of indie could well capture the imagination of music fans aching for something that doesn’t fit the usual templates.

And, judging by the low key subtleties of this particular introduction, there’s plenty to look forward to.