‘Voices’ single out now from Patrick McCallion

With such a proliferation of new independent music out there, it’s sometimes tough to filter out the background noise and find the artists that rise above the rest. In the case of songwriter Patrick McCallion and his band Small Words, there’s every chance he’ll do just that. With a sharp, ear-catching voice and a neat, crisp production sound (overseen by David M Allen, who worked with The Cure), there’s something that stands out.


In the case of new single ‘Voices’, it’s two things. First, there’s something sweet about the simplicity of the lyrical sentiment. However, in that sweetness, the vitality of the songwriting is never enveloped in the saccharine. It’s a tough balance to hit, but McCallion does it with aplomb.

‘What’s That About?’ single out now from Magazine Gap

On occasion, a band comes along who makes writing good music look sinple. Put together a nice groove, counterpoint piano and guitar lines, a verse here, a chorus there, and loop it all together. Easy right?


However, if it were that easy, everyone would do it, and it takes real talent to blend those basic elements into more than the sum of their parts. This exactly the tactic used by Magazine Gap on new single ‘What’s That About?’, and it must be said the results are very pleasing indeed. The UK is in need of a new pop laced group, and Magazine Gap might just be it.