Naomi – ‘Rivers Run’ video leads the way for new EP

Thanks to the likes of Adele, Lorde and others of that ilk, there seems to have been a real rise in proper, well written pop music recent years. Not pop music where you get the feeling that teenage girls have just discovered how to work a rhyming couplet (hello Carly Rae Jepson), but real, emotional music with quality that can reach a large audience.

The latest artist to fit that mould is the excellent Naomi. At just 19, she is already creating quite the buzz on a national level, and judging by the track above it’s not hard to see why. Featured by papers such as The Guardian, Independent, Huffington Post and many many more, she has also caught the eye/ear of TV and radio producers.

This has resulted in a huge amount of anticipation for new EP ‘Take Back the Power’. Released April 22nd, the collection looks set to continue Naomi’s speedy rise with a real statement of intent.

Jeremy? get the mix right on new rock track ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’

There are many different ingredients which go into taking a rock band and making it into a stadium ready group. First you need good song writing. Then you need a sense of scale. Then you need great musicianship and the ability to layer together all those instruments to create a sound big enough to fill an area.

Jeremy? are a four piece  band whose new single ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’ has all those elements and more. Just listen to the way the track builds with subtlety, before that stupendous stop-chorus at the end. Very good stuff.