Francis Groove – ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’

It’s a hard thing to produce a song for the dance genre that could genuinely find a place on DJ and radio playlists. Belgian producer Francis Groove has made it look easy with new remix single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’.

A four on the floor kick drum, a smooth vocal (courtesy of Tony G), and solid beat and a looping acoustic guitar line to add a deeper layer. Sounds easy right? Trust me, it’s not, which is why this track should be heard by as many people as possible. Download it now at iTunes so you can play it to all your friends.

Creative sing writer Rachel Johnson shines on new single ‘Safe Island’

Rachel Johnson is a young woman from Edinburgh who clearly thrives on the creative. She is both a singer-songwriter and a painter, creating pictures both visually and musically which mark her out as a real talent. She’s the kind of songwriter which gives you the feeling that the music isn’t written for commercial gain, more simply because Johnson needs the avenue to put herself out there.

Sometimes, this approach leads to an inordinate amount of noodling and hand-wringing, which is all very well for the artist, but fails to land with an audience. However, ‘Safe Island’ proves that Rachel Johnson is able to find an audience who can identify with her. The song is out now on iTunes, and has already got loads of local support in her home city. We would recommend supporting her further afield by getting your own copy of this single – there will be more on the way soon too no doubt.