‘Wonder’ streaming now from Kite Collectors

What do you get if you take a set of drums, some strummed guitar, a modern rock vocal and a mid-tempo indie feel with a sexy blues opening? You get ‘Wonder’, the new streaming single from The Kite Collectors.

Taken from their recent ‘Clockface’ album, the song has been made available to publicise the LP and familiarise music fans with the uniquely charming sound the band offers up. There’s an edge here that’s often missing from new releases these days, which can be cleaned up and sanitised by too much studio jiggery pokery.

By capturing this track in its cleanest form, The Kite Collectors have done more than enough to make the full LP an attractive proposition.

‘Wonder’ and ‘Clockface’ are available now at iTunes.

Voodoo Dancer hit the dance button with single ‘Voodoo Dancer’

There are many who believe it’s very simple to put together a dance track which could legitimately stand up alongside the heavyweights of the genre. Some say it’s simply a case of putting a thumping beat to a set of chords, melodies and looping vocals. There are many poor examples of this online, and those lazy knockoffs should take a listen to Voodoo Dancer’s new single for inspiration.

A ‘Raw Beautiful Club Mix’ of their soul laced pop track ‘Forever Girl’, the single is available on iTunes and shows there’s more to good dance music than a pumping beat. Here, the smooth soul of the original is blended seamlessly with the tightly structured dance tropes to excellent effect. Enjoy.