Luke Potter – ‘All the Same’ single out now

There are many many independent singer-songwriters on the UK scene at the moment, young men and women whose talent deserves far more attention than most will get. It will take a particular amount of talent, tenacity and hard-work to get noticed, and a select few will make the grade in the fullness of time.

One of those with as good a chance as any you’re likely to come across is Luke Potter, a songwriter who specialises in a brand of pop that is as radio-ready as they come. Catchy and immediately singable, his new track ‘All the Same’ clips along at a great pace, drawing the listener along for the ride. The production is also a fine example of what is being achieved these days by independent artists – a huge improvement over what was possible just a few short years ago.

‘All the Same’ is out now on iTunes.

George Montague – ‘Lost’ video & new album out now

Powered by an intense and wide ranging musical talent, George Montague is one of those people to whom music just comes naturally. A skilled writer, composer, producer and songwriter, Montague has also been proving himself as a live act with a big summer tour.

The tour was put together to support the release of excellent 17 track album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’, which was preceded by the single above. Exploring several genres but all in his own style, the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ element of the album title could arguably be all about Montague’s desire to try new things and expand his musical horizons. The result is an impressive and truly eclectic LP release which you should check out on iTunes.