New single from Ed Accura – ‘New Age of Thingz’ brings rap and funk together at last

Full of pop culture references from the pre-internet age, ‘New Age of Thingz’ is a single which will certainly appeal to music fans of a certain age. From Charlie’s Angels to VHS, the song is built from everything that used to keep people entertained before the world wide web was a thing.

Even the format of the song itself blends the old and the new – using the funky 70s guitar riff over the modern hip hop rhythms makes for a very different sounding mix. It’s flourishes like these that make Ed Accura one of the most interesting independent songwriters in the UK today.

His new album will be along later this year. In the meantime, check out the track above and previous single ‘Bear A Witness’ to see two different sides of a versatile artist.