Francis Groove – ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’

It’s a hard thing to produce a song for the dance genre that could genuinely find a place on DJ and radio playlists. Belgian producer Francis Groove has made it look easy with new remix single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’.

A four on the floor kick drum, a smooth vocal (courtesy of Tony G), and solid beat and a looping acoustic guitar line to add a deeper layer. Sounds easy right? Trust me, it’s not, which is why this track should be heard by as many people as possible. Download it now at iTunes so you can play it to all your friends.

Natalie Indya West & Sunny Andrea – ‘Goddess’

A new single from UK songwriter Natalie Indya West and Indian singer Sunny Andrea, the track above – ‘Goddess’ – is out now and available from all the usual digital platforms.

With slick production thanks to The Next Room studios (Snoop Dogg, Kimberly Wyatt, East 17 plus many more), the track uses modern synths and radio-ready pop sounds to form a solid foundation. Around that foundation, Sunny Andrea brings in her own cultural influences, with the unmistakable twang of Bollywood.

The two elements together make for an eclectic pairing, and helps the single to stand out.

C’nky Siwela releases new dance music single – ‘My Name In The Echo’

The likelihood is that, if you’re reading this and don’t live in South Africa, you’re yet to be familiar with the work of pop artist C’nky Siwela.

In his home country (the aforementioned South Africa), Siwela is an independent musician of note and has won awards to prove it. This week he released his second single, which is available digitally worldwide. The track, above, is titled ‘My Name In The Echo’ and is all about remaining positive and working to achieve goals even when others tell you they’re unattainable.

It’s the kind of simple songwriting and message that’s easy to relate to, and the fact that it’s been added to this dance-pop production which would easily slip onto pop radio playlists also works in its favour. Too often meaningful music is tied up in the negative, focussing or hardships or heartbreak.

This track however is positive and relentless, and a great listen as you head off into the weekend.

You can get ‘My Name In The Echo’ in iTunes now.