New single from Ed Accura – ‘New Age of Thingz’ brings rap and funk together at last

Full of pop culture references from the pre-internet age, ‘New Age of Thingz’ is a single which will certainly appeal to music fans of a certain age. From Charlie’s Angels to VHS, the song is built from everything that used to keep people entertained before the world wide web was a thing.

Even the format of the song itself blends the old and the new – using the funky 70s guitar riff over the modern hip hop rhythms makes for a very different sounding mix. It’s flourishes like these that make Ed Accura one of the most interesting independent songwriters in the UK today.

His new album will be along later this year. In the meantime, check out the track above and previous single ‘Bear A Witness’ to see two different sides of a versatile artist.

Songs for Mr Sloane album – ‘It Is What It Is’

Whether you enjoy pure pop music, a touch of funk, a smidge of jazz, or simply well written songs about the state of the world today, the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane may well be your next purchase.

According to the press notes, the album seems to be the work of a ragtag bunch of excellent musicians and songwriters who spend time in the studio every now and again to see what comes of it. And, if it’s generally of the qulaity shown on album ‘It Is What it Is’ then this appears to be a great way to make music.

Keeping you guessing throughout, the album continuously rolls thoughts, techniques, styles and ideas from left field. Constantly surprising, and as a result exciting throughout, the album is a testament to independent music and the freedom it provides. Get involved.

Velly Marsh and Alex Salveson collaborate on ‘The Internship’
Velly Marsh is a hip hop artist out of Sacramento, California. He fell in love with music at the early age of 4 and started using it to express himself in high school. It’s in college where Velly started to really take his music career seriously where he received a degree in Audio Engineering. Some of his many influences are Tupac, Immortal Technique and Rakim, however he is also in to new school artists such as Ab-Soul, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Next, Velly Marsh met up with Alex Salveson through some fellow colleagues. Alex is a younger artist at the age of 15 but already making a huge impact. Alex’s influences come from his father ‘The Emaculit 1′ and his group Hurchu. They first collaborated on Velly’s debut EP ‘#FeelMe‘. This EP received a lot of praise which lead to the follow up collaboration resulting in the album entitled ‘The Internship’. This album is solid from front to back. Extremely solid rhymes and beats throughout. It sounds like a result of classic hip hop clashing with new age and we can’t help but love it! Each song features a completely unique beat and it really keeps you interested throughout.

Now Velly and Alex are working their solo albums, of which we can’t wait to hear. Stay tuned for that, and enjoy ‘The Internship’ until then!