Blend of genres from Magazine Gap’s new ‘Calling Card’ EP

With a new full length album on the way, now is the perfect time to find out what all the fuss is about with Magazine Gap. Their first album, ‘Light and Shade’, did an excellent job of showing how this trio put together a number of different genres to make their own style. And, before the new album is complete, the band have decided to release a four song funk EP in the shape of ‘Calling Card’.


Released on November 25th, the tracks have been released one by one on YouTube in the performance style of the one above, for title song ‘Calling Card’. If you like what you’re hearing, and what’s not to like, you should check out the band’s website for more information.

Luke Potter – a new name in pop. ‘Something More’ single out now.

With Ed Sheeran currently on hiatus between albums and no feasible alternative available in the charts, the timing is perfect for Luke Potter. A song-writer of simple but effective pop, the iron is hot to strike now for this young man from the UK.

With four years of experience already behind him, he’s shown he’s got the staying power and tenacity to keep writing. Now all he needs is the opportunity to be heard by a larger audience – something helped by being showcased on the likes of BBC Radio 2 and the Record of the Day website.

The single is out now, and an album will be on its way sometime next year.

Pop artist Ellie Jane releases ‘Clocks’ – EP, video and single

Based in Herfordshire and influenced by the likes of James Bay and Amy Winehouse, Ellie Jane is a song writer who has the chance of a bright future. Her latest single ‘Clocks’ brings together some lovely acoustic guitar and piano touches under her soulful voice, building to a subtle but effective crescendo throughout.

The single is taken from her new solo EP ‘Clocks’ – a foray into a solo career having previously been featured on Radio 1 thanks to collaborations with other artists. However, a run to the final of 2015’s Open Mic UK contest has clearly given Ellie Jane the confidence to strike out on her own, and the resulting EP is a joy. You can find it now on iTunes.

Max Restaino releases new pop single ‘No’ with new album ‘The Time it Takes’

Straightforward pop in the purest sense, ‘No’ is the new single from Max Restaino. Bringing together a jaunty rhythm, Restaino’s tight vocal and a feel-good tone, it’s strongly representative of the good quality pop you can usually expect from this talented young man.

The single, released late last month, came out alongside new album ‘The Time it Takes’, which is chock full of similarly quality pop tunes. You can support independent music by buying it here.

‘Make You Happy’ track precedes promising new pop EP from Dale McKay

Opening with a lone, funk piano sound, the new track from Dale McKay sets out its stall early. Before long, that piano is joined by McKay’s fine vocal, before finally being underpinned by the arrival of the rhythm section as the verse builds to a brilliantly euphoric chorus.

It’s an assured, well constructed introduction to a song which in turn represents the thoughtful nature of McKay’s songwriting. This is clearly an artist who has something to offer, which makes the prospect of a new EP an exciting one.

Totalling four tracks (including ‘Make You Happy’ of course), that EP is titled ‘Here and Now’ and is out on September 16th. That’s not far off now, and anticipation is understandably high.

Luke Potter – ‘All the Same’ single out now

There are many many independent singer-songwriters on the UK scene at the moment, young men and women whose talent deserves far more attention than most will get. It will take a particular amount of talent, tenacity and hard-work to get noticed, and a select few will make the grade in the fullness of time.

One of those with as good a chance as any you’re likely to come across is Luke Potter, a songwriter who specialises in a brand of pop that is as radio-ready as they come. Catchy and immediately singable, his new track ‘All the Same’ clips along at a great pace, drawing the listener along for the ride. The production is also a fine example of what is being achieved these days by independent artists – a huge improvement over what was possible just a few short years ago.

‘All the Same’ is out now on iTunes.

George Montague – ‘Lost’ video & new album out now

Powered by an intense and wide ranging musical talent, George Montague is one of those people to whom music just comes naturally. A skilled writer, composer, producer and songwriter, Montague has also been proving himself as a live act with a big summer tour.

The tour was put together to support the release of excellent 17 track album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’, which was preceded by the single above. Exploring several genres but all in his own style, the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ element of the album title could arguably be all about Montague’s desire to try new things and expand his musical horizons. The result is an impressive and truly eclectic LP release which you should check out on iTunes.

Francis Groove – ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’

It’s a hard thing to produce a song for the dance genre that could genuinely find a place on DJ and radio playlists. Belgian producer Francis Groove has made it look easy with new remix single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’.

A four on the floor kick drum, a smooth vocal (courtesy of Tony G), and solid beat and a looping acoustic guitar line to add a deeper layer. Sounds easy right? Trust me, it’s not, which is why this track should be heard by as many people as possible. Download it now at iTunes so you can play it to all your friends.

Naomi – ‘Take Back the Power’ video out now, EP to follow

In the internet age, the sheer number of musicians out there able to ply their trade and build their fanbase online makes this perhaps the music industry the toughest it’s ever been. However, if you were to come up with a formula for success, songwriter Naomi could be a great template.

Talented, check. Young, check. Fresh, check. Attractive, check. In addition to this, her song writing is so strong that a song she wrote for her GCSE ended up getting her featured on ITV’s Daybreak. This in turn get the attention of a number of top producers, all of whom are helping her create songs which are winning praise from national press and radio of all kinds.

It all makes for an exciting start to a career with real promise. Her pop mixes the upbeat, pacey catchiness of Taylor Swift with the melancholy edge of Lorde. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but soars when those choruses hit. New EP ‘Take Back the Power’ is out April 22nd – get on board early and be smug that you did.

Naomi – ‘Rivers Run’ video leads the way for new EP

Thanks to the likes of Adele, Lorde and others of that ilk, there seems to have been a real rise in proper, well written pop music recent years. Not pop music where you get the feeling that teenage girls have just discovered how to work a rhyming couplet (hello Carly Rae Jepson), but real, emotional music with quality that can reach a large audience.

The latest artist to fit that mould is the excellent Naomi. At just 19, she is already creating quite the buzz on a national level, and judging by the track above it’s not hard to see why. Featured by papers such as The Guardian, Independent, Huffington Post and many many more, she has also caught the eye/ear of TV and radio producers.

This has resulted in a huge amount of anticipation for new EP ‘Take Back the Power’. Released April 22nd, the collection looks set to continue Naomi’s speedy rise with a real statement of intent.