New single from Ed Accura – ‘New Age of Thingz’ brings rap and funk together at last

Full of pop culture references from the pre-internet age, ‘New Age of Thingz’ is a single which will certainly appeal to music fans of a certain age. From Charlie’s Angels to VHS, the song is built from everything that used to keep people entertained before the world wide web was a thing.

Even the format of the song itself blends the old and the new – using the funky 70s guitar riff over the modern hip hop rhythms makes for a very different sounding mix. It’s flourishes like these that make Ed Accura one of the most interesting independent songwriters in the UK today.

His new album will be along later this year. In the meantime, check out the track above and previous single ‘Bear A Witness’ to see two different sides of a versatile artist.

Blend of genres from Magazine Gap’s new ‘Calling Card’ EP

With a new full length album on the way, now is the perfect time to find out what all the fuss is about with Magazine Gap. Their first album, ‘Light and Shade’, did an excellent job of showing how this trio put together a number of different genres to make their own style. And, before the new album is complete, the band have decided to release a four song funk EP in the shape of ‘Calling Card’.


Released on November 25th, the tracks have been released one by one on YouTube in the performance style of the one above, for title song ‘Calling Card’. If you like what you’re hearing, and what’s not to like, you should check out the band’s website for more information.

‘Make You Happy’ track precedes promising new pop EP from Dale McKay

Opening with a lone, funk piano sound, the new track from Dale McKay sets out its stall early. Before long, that piano is joined by McKay’s fine vocal, before finally being underpinned by the arrival of the rhythm section as the verse builds to a brilliantly euphoric chorus.

It’s an assured, well constructed introduction to a song which in turn represents the thoughtful nature of McKay’s songwriting. This is clearly an artist who has something to offer, which makes the prospect of a new EP an exciting one.

Totalling four tracks (including ‘Make You Happy’ of course), that EP is titled ‘Here and Now’ and is out on September 16th. That’s not far off now, and anticipation is understandably high.

Songs for Mr Sloane album – ‘It Is What It Is’

Whether you enjoy pure pop music, a touch of funk, a smidge of jazz, or simply well written songs about the state of the world today, the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane may well be your next purchase.

According to the press notes, the album seems to be the work of a ragtag bunch of excellent musicians and songwriters who spend time in the studio every now and again to see what comes of it. And, if it’s generally of the qulaity shown on album ‘It Is What it Is’ then this appears to be a great way to make music.

Keeping you guessing throughout, the album continuously rolls thoughts, techniques, styles and ideas from left field. Constantly surprising, and as a result exciting throughout, the album is a testament to independent music and the freedom it provides. Get involved.