‘Make You Happy’ track precedes promising new pop EP from Dale McKay

Opening with a lone, funk piano sound, the new track from Dale McKay sets out its stall early. Before long, that piano is joined by McKay’s fine vocal, before finally being underpinned by the arrival of the rhythm section as the verse builds to a brilliantly euphoric chorus.

It’s an assured, well constructed introduction to a song which in turn represents the thoughtful nature of McKay’s songwriting. This is clearly an artist who has something to offer, which makes the prospect of a new EP an exciting one.

Totalling four tracks (including ‘Make You Happy’ of course), that EP is titled ‘Here and Now’ and is out on September 16th. That’s not far off now, and anticipation is understandably high.


All top class rock music has something in common. Yes, it’s loud, turned up to 11 and crashes into your ears, but to be truly top class, it also has to have something of quality underneath – good basic songwriting. It’s no good just making noise with an electric guitar, anyone can do that (even me), there has to be substance.

Thankfully, in the case of Shadowqueen, there truly is more to this than the heavy sound it makes. There’s plenty of distorted power chords and buzzing vocals, but there’s also quieter moments, rises and falls, light and shade, which make the whole thing into more than the sum of its parts. Excellent work.