Pop artist Ellie Jane releases ‘Clocks’ – EP, video and single

Based in Herfordshire and influenced by the likes of James Bay and Amy Winehouse, Ellie Jane is a song writer who has the chance of a bright future. Her latest single ‘Clocks’ brings together some lovely acoustic guitar and piano touches under her soulful voice, building to a subtle but effective crescendo throughout.

The single is taken from her new solo EP ‘Clocks’ – a foray into a solo career having previously been featured on Radio 1 thanks to collaborations with other artists. However, a run to the final of 2015’s Open Mic UK contest has clearly given Ellie Jane the confidence to strike out on her own, and the resulting EP is a joy. You can find it now on iTunes.

Video: ‘Mirrors & Windows’ – Helen Perris

Thought provoking pop doesn’t come around all that often, so Helen Perris’ new single ‘Mirrors and Windows’ is a welcome addition to the genre. Tackling the mighty subject of post natal depression, the song is full of moments that have real potential to get you thinking.

However, don’t let that lull you into thinking there’s no lighter moments to be enjoyed. The melodies flow over each other beautifully, interweaving a well produced piano pop backing with the airy vocals to great effect. And, to make sure the heavy subject matter doesn’t bring things down too much, there are also moments of lyrical levity to remind us of those bright moments in life.

In taking on tough subject matter, Perris has taken it seriously while also managing to prevent a full cloud of darkness enveloping the song. Instead, it instills a sense of hope. And if you’ve watched the video above but not reached the end, we recommend you do so…

Barca songwriter Weinf releases touching debut album

Weinf album coverAvailable now from Bandcamp and other online stores, the debut album from the uniquely named songwriter Weinf is a touching and sometimes gruelling debut. Titled ‘Requiem for Myself’, the album deals with the toughest of subject matter – written in the period following a cancer diagnosis for the songwriter.

Happily, it now seems Weinf is in the clear. But this outcome didn’t always look as if it might be the case, and the songs are drawn from that experience. Uncertainty drips through the poignant lyrics, and subjects are dealt with which are particular to a situation hopefully not many of us will have experienced.

With such tales pulled together under a guitar driven, mellow indie sound, there’s plenty here to enjoy. It may not be the ‘feel good hit of the summer’, but it is certainly an album that makes an impact.


‘Wisdom of Crowds’ – the latest monthly single from Prints Jackson

‘One single a month until the day I die’.

So goes the missions statement for ambitious, multi-talented songwriter Prints Jackson, whose latest single ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ can be heard above and is out now.

Deservedly placed in Virgin Music’s ‘Innovations in Music’ list for 2014, the project started over a year ago and has turned out monthly releases like clockwork.

Perhaps even more impressive, not only does Jackson produce a new track each month, he also finds the time to collaborate with video makers and artists to compliment his monthly musical releases.

To see the full, vast collection of music and art, check out http://www.printsjackson.com/

Josh Healey‘s New EP Lost, Found & Lost Again Out Now

Josh Healey’s new EP Lost, Found & Lost Again is out now and is already getting national radio play for it.

The lead track, Sometimes, starts the EP with a very relaxing and laid back feel, the acoustic guitar very subtle in the background with the vocals carrying the song. There is a hint of folk in the song which carrys the song very well, breaking the song up between verses. Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music has already been playing this track which is huge statement to how well written this track is to start off the EP.

A more upbeat track to follow with People Like You, a song to tap your feet to but a very strong message in the lyrics of the song about society today. The song helps the EP along after the lead track to show that Josh can write powerful upbeat music with strong underlining messages and make it work with more soft acoustic songs.

City of Saints has a beautiful finger picked intro that carries the song and shows off Josh’s talent on the acoustic guitar. A simple song of just Josh and his acoustic guitar in very stripped down and raw track. The title track Lost, Found & Lost Again closes the EP perfectly. The intro of acoustic guitar and piano which play throughout give the perfect accompaniment to Josh’s soft vocals in a very heartfelt track to close the EP.

Josh’s beautiful subtle tones have already been compared favourably with the legendary Nick Drake, which can’t be bad!


The EP ‘Lost, Found & Lost Again’ is available now on iTunes here.





Jess Thristan records live version of ‘Little Bird’ for Ont’ Sofa

One of the UK’s hottest new singer/songwriters 19 year old Jess Thristan has recorded a breath taking live version of her upcoming new single ‘Little Bird’. The stripped back version of the wonderfully melodic and catchy tune is a masterly piece of music that fuses classic singer/songwriting with contemporary pop sensitivities.

The new single, which is released October 20th, is a follow up to April’s ‘Side By Side’ EP which gained major national radio play and reached number 8 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart.

‘Little Bird’ shows a progression in the development of Jess as an extremely credible writer and performer. Also recorded at the Ont’ Sofa sessions was Jess’ interpretation of the classic Beatles track ‘From Me To You’. To view ‘From Me To You’ visit the link below.

With ‘Little Bird’ already achieving national radio play on BBC Radio 2 and with a live performance already booked on Clare Balding’s radio show, the single looks certain to further Jess Thristan’s reputation.

To see Jess perform ‘Little Bird’ for the Ont’ Sofa sessions visit the link below.